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randomlychad  —  June 18, 2012 — 2 Comments

Recently, my family and I were on vacation. Because we chose to forego a second income in favor of having my wife be home with are children, our vacations consist of us going along with my parents-in-law.

20120618-130725.jpgNo punchline: we usually have a good time. And this last trip was no exception: we went to Sedona, which is beautiful all year round. It was a much-needed respite from the frenetic pace of modern life.

We are very thankful for both the kindness of Lisa’s folks, and the time away.

One of the coolest things that happened while we were there is that I discovered, via Twitter, that Susan Isaacs was going to be there, in Sedona, during the same time we were. I became acquainted with her via Twitter, heard her testimony at an event, and subsequently read her excellent memoir, Angry Conversations With God. (Which I highly recommend).

All of which is to say that, even though a full-on “tweetup” didn’t happen (we didn’t get to grab coffee), I did run into Susan, her husband, Larry, and their friends on the streets of Sedona, and got my copy of her book signed. How cool is that?

Speaking of books, I found out while we were away that authors Ted Dekker, and Tosca Lee, were going to be making an appearance at local bookstore the day we returned home from vacation. Because I love books, and their power to transport us to other times and places, inspire us, challenge us, and encourage us on life journeys, I felt it would be important to not only go, but take my kids as well.

And honestly, right now, I’m having a hard time connecting with my son as he’s transitioning into the teen years. But the books of Ted Dekker are a shared loved, something that we can talk about, discuss.

Something that we share. So it was important to me that we go, meet the authors, and have our books signed.


I believe it also shows support to the authors, who work long hours alone to write the stories that, thrill, challenge, and change us. (If you’ve not yet, I encourage you to check out Mr. Dekker and Ms. Lee’s Books of Mortals series; currently, Forbidden and Mortal are available, with the concluding volume, Sovereign, due out next year). Also, watch this space for a possible interview with Ms. Lee coming in the near future.

Speaking of support, after announcing my need yesterday, I’m thrilled to announce that, due to a generous benefactor, we’re closing in on the goal of $475 for my trip to the Ransomed Heart Wild at Heat boot camp. But I still need your support! If the goal is not met by this Thursday, I will be unable to go (this is all explained in yesterday’s Father’s Day post).

Thank-you very much for your support, whether by prayer, via a gift, or just reading here. I appreciate each and every one of you!

If you would like to support me, a gift can be PayPalled to me at gandalf239 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks very much,