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randomlychad  —  June 30, 2011 — 7 Comments


Today, I would just like to say:


Thank-you to everyone who’s ever read, or commented, on this blog. You folks make it easy for me to keep coming back with more.

Thank-you to everyone who’s challenged me to go deeper, work harder, write more compelling content.

Thank you to all my off, and online, friends for being my friends, for giving of yourselves, for making me a part of your worlds.

Thank-you to everyone who took the time today to wish me a happy birthday! Means a lot!

Thank-you to my beautiful wife, Lisa, for being my best friend, companion, lover, encourager, inciter… The best woman a man could have as wife. Thank-you for the best (nearly) 21 years of my life.

Thanks most of all to my Lord, Jesus, without Whom I wouldn’t be.


And thanks for reading! What are you thankful for today?