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My family and I are currently vacationing, and while I wasn’t going to be posting anything this week… It’s late, I’m not sleeping… And this was too good to let slide. You’ll see what I mean.

The other night my wife and I witnessed a fashion faux pas. We were on our way into one of those organic grocers that are all the rage these days. At roughly the same time we hit the store’s entrance, so did this other lady. She was wearing what appeared to be a terrycloth tube top. Normally I don’t notice fashion. I’m a guy–it’s not my thing.

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[This was originally posted last year; in light of her recent surgery, I thought it apropos to repost].

I can think of no living woman stronger than my wife’s grandmother. We call her “Nonni.”


Nonni was born in a poor Sicilian village in the early part of the last century. She was part of a large family, and learned early the value of hard work. Being one of the younger children, she also learned early the sadness of loss: an older sibling was killed in South America (where he had emigrated), and her own father apparently died when she was about ten. Nevertheless, she pressed on, helping her mother provide for the family.
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