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This past Friday, I interviewed Rob Stennett, author of The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher, The End is Now, Homemade Haunting, and the the new short story, Chicken.

At the end of the interview, I promised to enter everyone who commented into a drawing for a chance to win a Kindle copy of TATSORF (The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher).

Not counting comments from Rob and myself, five of your commented. This made the giveaway easy to conduct. I assigned a numeric value to each commenter, and using, I plugged in those values into a number range.

The number that came up was 5–the number assigned to Rachel Voris.

Congratulations, Rachel!

Thanks, everyone, for commenting, and for supporting what I do here.


Today marks a RandomlyChad first: my first-ever guest-poster. Tyler Tarver is a funny bloke, loves Harry Potter, and just came out with his first book. Take it away, Tyler! Oh, and be gentle!

10 Reasons You’ll Hate Words & Sentences

I know from reading Randomly Hacd’s (I believe in my heart of hearts that any word following “random” should be placed in random order) site for a while that he likes to throw the hate, and you know, my hate smells like a sweaty leprechaun hat.

Now, I know Chad’s hate can be inferred as “love”. Not me, I can’t even spell that word correctly. Luove. See, can’t do it. I’m really going to lay down the hate on my new book, Words & Sentences, in hopes that you’ll buy it, like it, and we can fall in lerve.

10 Reasons You’ll Hate Words & Sentences:

'Unicorn meat' photo (c) 2011, Bill Sodeman - license:
1. There’s a Unicorn on the front. C’mon, guy, a unicorn? They taste awful, like a rainbow. [Voldemort seemed to like them. Just sayin’.]

2. There is absolutely no mention of the debt crisis sweeping the America. I mean, I hear about it in every media outlet on the planet, and I want it in my literature. [But not in your book? What’s up with that?]

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Thank-you to everyone who “hated” @jonacuff last Wednesday! I appreciate each one of you for: reading, commenting, and retweeting for a chance to win a copy of Jon’s book, Quitter. I know all you of you hoped, but because there was just one copy to give away, like Highlander, “there can be only one” winner.

And that winner is Justin Monsewicz of Georgia. Congratulations to Justin! (If you like, you can follow him on Twitter @twicelivedfaith).

Thanks again for reading!