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Good afternoon! Welcome again to the new (I was going to say improved, but it’s a work in progress) Internet home of RandomlyChad.

Today being Wednesday, it’s time for another edition of Random Wednesday Haterade. Today’s victim is none other than Matt Cannon, who I’m sure you know as the @seekingpastor.

What’s he seeking? No one really knows for sure. 😉 Maybe, like Bono, he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. 😉 But I digress.

You came here expecting some “hate,” and intend to give it to you. Without further ado, here are the six reasons I “hate” @seekingpastor:

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>Today, I have the privilege of guest posting for the vacationing Matt Cannon, otherwise known as the Seeking Pastor. He is a bivocational pastor–meaning he somehow has the time to work a full-time job, lead a church, be a husband, and dad (to five kids!), and blog, too. I don’t know he does it, but am so glad he does. He is one the kindest, funniest souls I’ve encountered anywhere, and count it a great privilege to call him friend.

Here is a taste of my post, Football Tag:

“A few weeks ago, my son and his friend were playing tag. This in itself is not noteworthy–tag is a very common game, played daily all over the world by young and old alike.

It’s not that they were playing tag that’s of note, but the kind of tag that is: football tag. You might ask what’s special about that? I’ll tell you: instead of merely playing catch with the football, which is I guess blasé these days, they were “tagging” each other with it! As in beaning one another, throwing it as hard as they each respectively could at the other’s body parts!”

To read the rest, please head over to Matt’s blog, and checkout Football Tag on The Seeking Pastor. You can also follow Matt on , by clicking here.

Thanks–as always–for reading!