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Prodigal Poem

randomlychad  —  September 14, 2012 — 4 Comments


You can run away, thinking you know what’s best, turn to this, that, and the other to quench the burning in your breast.

But as Thompson said: none there are who would shelter thee who would not shelter Me.

So run away if you must–fast and far on the wings of the morn–but this of a surety you can trust:

Watching and waiting I will be…
Turn but towards home, and you will see:


Flying over fields to you, my son, daughter, friend

Because in the end, I’m the God Who ran

>Treadmillphoto © 2010 Jennifer C. | more info (via: Wylio)

You thought it was safe. You just came here to exercise. At least that’s what you thought. It looked inviting. It’s what everyone else does, so why not?

You have the same rights as everyone else.

So you climb on, and start up. First, it’s a walk. Then, a jog. Now, you’re running. But you’re not getting anywhere.

You’re on a treadmill–a treadmill called envy.

And like an actual treadmill, envy is all journey, and no destination.

You run faster and faster, and still get nowhere.

You echo the words of George Jetson, saying “stop this crazy thing!”

It’s time to get off.

Envy is a dangerous treadmill.

Have you every been on this “treadmill?” What did you do to get off?