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Before we get down to business, just want to let you know that I’m guest posting for The Joseph Craven today. That post is called “Mr. Heinlein’s Lunch,” and can be found here. Please head on over and check it out.

'Help wanted sign' photo (c) 2011, Andreas Johannsen - license: know I said there wouldn’t be a post today (on account of a posting at the aforementioned I lied, ok?

Then again, this isn’t really a post in the traditional sense. Rather, I’m asking you for your help.

Recently, I posted on the rigors of being an introvert in the contemporary American church. This garnered a good response. That post is here

Also not long ago, I wrote about encountering an African American person for the first time (as a child). This led to a great comment, and a subsequent guest post from my friend, Ben Emerson.

Ben’s post is here

Which, too, got a good reader response. Ben is already working on a “sequel” to his original piece.

And that, my friends, is where you come in:

Do you have story of feeling marginalized in the church due to:


Race (or failing to take racial and/or cultural differences into account)


I would love to read your story.

Also, maybe you were marginalized, or were in fact the “marginalizer?” If so, I want to hear from you, too. Tell me how God is expanding your world–shifting your paradigms–in this area.

Nota bene: only the honest need apply.

Send your submissions to: Chad Jones

Thank-you very much!