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Beyond the heat, there are hazards to living in the desert. There is, of course, ample sunshine, but a great lack of rain.

Growth requires both sunshine and rain.

Some plants are able to dig down deep, find underground aquifers. Others wither. Water is key. Desert places would be uninhabitable without it.

The desert, expectant as it is–so deeply, desperately–in need of rain, is a dangerous place for it.

For rain.

You see, the hot sun beats down, bakes the ground, so that when the storms come, that dry crust can’t receive the life-giving blessings that the water promises.
Through “fiery trial” it has become impermeable.

The rainfall, having nowhere to go, runs along the path of least resistance.

This is a flashflood.

(And it’s dangerous not only to the flora and fauna, but to people as well. Every year there are stories of people trapped in deluges).

Like the desert ground, are our hearts not often like this as well? Hardened by the fiery trials of life, we can’t receive what He’s pouring out. Or maybe we do ask for God to move, to send the rain? But are then not receptive when it comes in a time, place, way not of our choosing.

Instead we grumble and complain.

Like the desert, our hearts–through hardness, indifference, or selfishness–are not open to receive what He wants to give.

We forget that life does not come on our terms, but rather on those of a Sovereign who shares His glory with no man.

How can you humble yourself today to receive His life-giving rain?