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It’s annual tradition around these parts: my mom takes my oldest, J-Dog, out for lunch–and to buy him a costume.

Inevitably, dad “tries” it on. (All photographic evidence from prior years has been destroyed). What you are about to see is, I think, supposed to be a “Zorro” hat; however, on me, it looks decidedly Amish (though perhaps my beard looks more like the victim of one of those recent scissor attacks, than it does an epic Amish one).

Without further ado:

Your mission–should you choose to accept it–is to suitably caption that photo. (Try to keep it PG-13, ok?)

As with Matt “the Seeking Pastor” Cannon, you’ll have my thanks. And best/funniest caption wins a guest post here on RandomlyChad.

Go captioneers! What are you waiting for?

Over the weekend, I gave my twelve year-old son some fatherly advice about self-deprecation; I told him to stop.

This is advice I need to heed myself. I told him that if he was constantly putting himself down, others would pick up on that vibe, and follow suit.

Well guess what I did this morning?

Here’s a hint from my Twitter feed:

Yep, there it is in black, white, and bondi blue: me being a douche to myself.

My wife has accused me of much frumpery lately–and she’s right: I’ve been a frump.

And being an introvert, this is altogether too easy to do, this wilting inward like a sun-scorched flower. Life just feels like too much right now.

There are reasons for this, but generally when my sleep issues (apnea) are worse, I’m a negative nelly, and morose. I find it harder and harder to be positive. The sunny side just isn’t.

(I get mad at God–like it’s His fault I don’t sleep at night. “That’s fine,” I tell Him. “You wanna spend time with me? I’ll give you the 15-20 minutes of my morning commute, and a couple chapters during lunch. The rest is mine until You start blessing me with decent rest at night.”

Yes, I really am that immature and passive-aggressive with God).

Of course my whole family picks up on this vibe. And who wants to be around that?

Heck, sometimes I don’t even wanna be me!

But God didn’t leave that one up to me, now did He?

Thankfully, I’ve got a wonderful wife in MissLisaMJ–a woman who loves me enough to give me a swift kick when I need it! Two great kids, who love me more than life. And some great online friends who don’t let me get away with my self-douchery:

“No more talking like that.” Thanks, Mrs. Lunardo, I’ll take that to heart!

What do you to break out of your funks? Who do you have in your life that you let speak into it?

PS: If you’re not following any of the people mentioned in the post above, you totally need to, ok? to recap, there’s @misslisamj, @sharideth, @tylertarver, & @tamaraoutloud