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I’m not usually one to weigh in on current events. It’s not my forte. But this is too important to stand silent. It’s too important to not at least try. To try to say something.

And what I want to say is this:

The facts are in, eyewitness testimony has been carefully considered, and no indictment was handed down. The fact is that this country has an ugly history of racism, and we are still dealing with that sordid reality everyday. The fact is that people, people God made, have been (and are) treated as less than. And into this very charged environment a police officer, just doing his job, ignited a powder keg. The area was going to go off sooner or later.

The fact is this: a whole swath of the populace feels disenfranchised, not taken care of by the system. Can’t you see how they would be prejudiced against those who are supposed to serve and protect? That said, there is no justification for the ongoing violence and rioting. That’s not justice, and it won’t bring Michael Brown back. What I’m saying is that while I can understand the reaction, at the same time I can’t condone it. I would go so far as to say that if Darren Wilson had been a Black officer this would not have been news. But because he’s white, and shot a young black man, it is. It’s the world we’ve inherited. An almost too-connected world, where news travels nearly at the speed of light.

I blame the media for whipping this thing into a frenzy. If we want to level a charge of race baiting, we need look no further than the news. And we gobble it up. Be that as it may, the simple fact is this:

The facts in Ferguson don’t matter. Or rather they don’t matter as much as the people do. Because, and forgive the cliché, people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.

We could all do a lot better job of that, of caring for one another.

What do you think?

I have written here previously about being an introvert. This means that I am generally energized by solitary activities: reading, writing, etc.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t need community–I do. We all do. And I am very grateful for the community we have built together here, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

What it does mean is that staying engaged has a price. It also means I rub virtual shoulders with folks of all races, nationalities, creeds, genders.

It’s that last that has caused me some trouble, because you see, going into our marriage my wife and I–rightly or wrongly–decided together that one of our boundaries would be that we didn’t have friends of the opposite gender.

We did this simply to project our marriage. And the fact is no one is safe from temptation. That may sound antiquated–so be it.

As my platform has grown, she has seen me add quite a number of ladies as “friends” on Facebook, something which, while I’m not entirely comfortable with it, I take as the way things are now.

Social media–of which blogging is arguably a part–has shifted our paradigms a bit. And for my part, I have tried to honor the spirit of the “covenant” my wife and I made those many years ago, if not its exact letter.

The truth is I came to blogging simply because I love to write. I hope that shows. But I went into it blind–I had no social media strategy, no notion of “platform.” But it turns out that despite this, my words had resonated with folks on both sides of the gender aisle.

And for that I’m thankful.

While I do not believe I have been overly familiar, or too friendly, with the ladies out there, it’s possible, or perhaps my meaning has been misinterpreted. I apologize if this is the case.

I am entirely a one woman man, and my heart belongs to Lisa.

My ultimate point in sharing this is that I aim to be even more intentional going forward with my interactions. I fully realize that blogging is largely a female dominated medium, with 70-80 of bloggers being women. I will rub shoulders with some of you. I understand this, but I’m going to be much more careful about it.

In addition to a more careful approach, my wife and I are also very protective of our privacy. As this blog is of a very personal nature, any requests for contact information beyond an email address will be rebuffed as a matter of policy. It’s not personal, it’s just something I want to do to provide some measure of protection to my family. I hope you understand.

How about you? Do you have any social media rules of the road that you operate by?