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The kids these days. They have an acronym for everything. Like DTR–“define the relationship.” Back in my day this was called having a “heart-to-heart,” or just, you know, talking.

We’d also never heard “public displays of affection” called PDA. If kids were sucking face, we just said “get a room.” And we said it to our parents, too. 😉

What I think it is, really, is that the pace of life was slower; as such, life was not “acronymmed” out the wazoo. We see it everywhere now: from the aforementioned examples, to “text speak.” Almost everyone seems to want to say as much as possible in the most abbreviated fashion possible.

We have become a culture of shortcuts, of acronyms. As someone who enjoys the: “taste,” sound, feel, structure, sight of words, this alarms me.

OTOH, I’m not opposed to acronyms, per se. When they are used well, and convey the most meaning. But there are so many these days, they’re becoming a cacophony.

In truth, there was only one acronym that dominated the landscape of my childhood; it wasn’t ROFL, IANAL, CUL8R. It was none of these.

No, it was one everyone heard of: AIDS.