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So, instead of you know, writing a dang review of the Blue Like Jazz movie, which I seen last, which was all kinds of awesome. Some skinny toehead (how does he see?) kid from Arkansas says I need to pimp his book. (Does it has pictars?) Or something. I’m not sure.

This cat–cat?–thought he was mostly a person, or some such. Anyway, he writ a book last year called Words & Sentences. Well, like, d’oh! What else would be in a dang book?

Now I guess he’s got another turd stinking book about his People Magazine collection, or leastways–the way I hear it–it’s got some dang letters in it that this skinny/cat/person/toehead writ to them folk what’s showed in People Magazine.

Or something.

Anyway, if you wants yer chance to win some doggone prizes, click here.

You’ll be glad you did. Or not.

*By law I’m obliged to tell yous that none gerbils, nor any Tarvers, was harmed in the writings of this blogpostthing.

Happy gooderer Friday, y’all!