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I can’t eat Mexican food. Well, I can–but I’m not much fun to be around later. If you catch my drift.

Really, it’s the frijoles (beans) that don’t agree with me (my wife says I’m allergic). I suspect I’m not alone in this.

Thus, there’s a saying you may have heard: Mexican food is the gift that keeps on giving.

And giving.

As true as this is, eventually it passes.

There is a real gift that keeps on giving–no matter how badly we stink it up, and that’s God’s grace. Try as we might, we can’t “out-sin” it. God waits, like the father of the Prodigal son, scanning the horizon for his beloved.

He waits, when we stink it up, for us to fall (in the words of the late Rich Mullins) “on the grace that first brought me to you.”

Grace then, like Mexican food, is a gift that keeps on giving. Unlike, it doesn’t lead to noxious emissions; rather, it eradicates them.

Grace: we need it. We need to give it, we need to receive it. We need to live and breathe it.

Grace: freely you have received, now freely give.

Grace: is there truly anything else like it?

Sometime ago, I had friends who spoke often about getting this, or that, “word from the Lord.” Usually, this was in reference to God’s will for them, and specifically in regards to what He wanted them to either do, or not do. His perfect will for their lives.

Problem is, oftentimes these things didn’t work out.

Consequently, the faith of my friends was repeatedly shaken, because God had somehow let them down.

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>Beginning on the first of this month, I launched into a shared project with other bloggers to bring awareness and support to Nuru International, and their mission to end extreme poverty in the developing world. Please watch the following video to learn more about Nuru:

How Nuru Works from Nuru International on Vimeo.

This project, the 24/7 Project, was architected by Alise Wright to show that Christians not only pray, they do. We do.

This project runs through the Easter season this year, and has an ambitious goal of raising $7000 for Nuru in that time.

If you’re like me, you think this is a lofty, ambitious, and altogether worthwhile goal.

If you’re like me, you haven’t made a gift to Nuru yet. You’ve said that you believe in the work they’re doing, that it’s a very worthy, Jesus-honoring project, but despite this assent, you haven’t yet committed.

You tell yourself, as I tell myself, that times are tough, the economy is down, I’ve got to be careful. That may be. But are times truly tougher for us than they are for the people Nuru aids?

I doubt that. I doubt it very much. Thus it is that assisting Nuru in reaching this goal gets filed away in the category of the “things I say, but do not do.”

Why is it, when I am faced with a choice between a creature comfort, and doing unto the least of these, I choose what benefits me?

My hard work, my money, my time, my… life? I thought it was all God’s? I was bought with a price, so I am His. He gave me the skills to do the work I do, so that is His, too.

I, me, mine–that is the unholy trinity, and the quickest kingdom-killer known to man. I am not my own, thus the resources I’m given aren’t mine, either.

None of which excuses me from exercising wisdom in my stewardship of God’s resources; in fact, I’m required to do so. And so are you.

So please join with me in making it a serious matter of prayer regarding whether, or not, you will support the 24/7 Project. You may say, as I do, I give in other areas. And that is true. But if you’re like me, you could give even a small gift to Nuru, and not miss it. For some though, to give would be a sacrifice–God sees that, and will honor it how He sees fit. And, if after prayer, you find that you don’t have a monetary gift to give, please join with us in giving Nuru the gift of your prayers.

Thank-you very much, and God bless you!

The following is list of other bloggers participating in the project:

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(Matt Cannon)
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To make a gift, large or small, please visit Nuru’s Donations Page. Please include the phrase “247Project” in the comments field so that your gift will be counted towards the goal.

And, if while you’re praying, you could remember me, and ask the Lord to deliver me from my hypocrisy, I would be much-obliged.