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Straight Pride

randomlychad  —  November 5, 2013 — 12 Comments

(If you wish, you may skip the first part of this post, as it deals mainly with my personal convictions and interpretation of the Scriptures. The story I wish to relate begins with “Earlier this year”).

Just to be clear: whether one believes homosexual practice to be sinful, or not, God loves everyone, and sent His Son to die for each and every person who has, or will, ever live.

We are all alike in our need for Him.

My personal understanding of the Scriptures is that while homosexual temptation (as with any temptation) is no sin, its practice is. I think of it being akin to fornication–sex outside of marriage.

That said, I’m not here to debate the Scriptures, or the variety of interpretations surrounding it. God knows I have enough trouble with my own sin. Who am I to tell another how to live?

That said, we must all live with a clear conscience before God. And I want to, if I can in anyway, point with my life to Jesus Christ. He is the way the truth, and the life.

The preliminaries out of the way, my cards metaphorically laid upon the table, I would like to now relate a story which in its particulars is distressing to me. It goes like this:

Earlier this year, my family and I were enjoying a much-needed rest in the cool pines of Flagstaff, Arizona. At an elevation of 7,000 feet, it’s much cooler, and provides a welcome respite from our home in the Valley of the Sun. It seems that our time there coincided with the annual Pride in the Pines festival.

This in and of itself isn’t surprising, right? Gay pride is the cause celebre, the cause du jour, in our society these days. People are tired of hiding who they are; so more and more are coming out of the closet. God bless them for their honesty, I say. Because all of us are only as sick as our secrets.

That said, and I’m not here suggesting that anyone should hop back into the closet, if I had my druthers gay pride would not be so loud, brash, and in-your-face. Consider Ghandi, for instance. Or the late Dr. Martin Luther King, jr. Both brought to the light the plight of the peoples they represented through nonviolence–through passive protest.

In so doing it was like heaping coals of fire on the heads of their oppressors.

I don’t see that in the gay rights movement. Instead, I see pride. I see brash, and even crass, displays. Such as:

During our time in Flagstaff, in walking the streets of its downtown area, we (my family and I) saw something we won’t soon forget: a man carrying what appeared to be a large, thick-veined phallus in his hand. Where he was going we don’t know; what happened next, we’ll never forget:

At first glance, what appeared to be a (let’s call it what it is) dildo turned out to be a water bottle. How do we know? The man took a sip from a straw which protruded form the urethral opening of his (very) anatomically correct water bottle. (This image is, unfortunately, indelibly burned into our memories. And how does one even begin to explain this to one’s children?)

I ask you: is that gay pride? Or rather something to be ashamed of? Whichever, and again I’m not asking anyone to go hide in their closets, it certainly displays a lack of discretion.

It’s vulgar. And the only thing I can surmise is that it was intended to shock. Why else would someone do that? Let’s look at this way: you wouldn’t see me, or any straight person I know, walking down the street anywhere with a, I don’t know, vulva-shaped drinking vessels. Or titty-shaped coffee mugs.

Likely, anyone doing so would be reproached, or possibly arrested. It would be labeled a crass, vulgar display of straight pride at best, and objectification at worst. The point being that, no matter which camp from which it arises, lewdness is lewdness. Whether you’re straight, gay, or otherwise.

That being the case, why do those in the gay rights movement get a free pass with such things? No one (that I saw) approached that man, asked him to put away his penis. Why is that? Because we’re afraid.

We’re afraid of the backlash. We’re afraid of coming under attack in this politically correct culture in which we live. The fact is that if we spoke up in support of “Straight Pride,” we would be laughed to scorn, derided, or compared to white supremacists.

Which is not a fair comparison at all. Gay rights activists, and those who support them, want to be treated with dignity and respect? Start acting like it. Stop carrying dildo drinking cups out in public. Respect is a two-way street: one has to give it to get it.

Hear me well: I believe everyone deserves, as the pinnacle of God’s creation, to be treated with dignity and decency. This does not mean that we have to agree; rather, that we afford one another respect. That we listen.

I hope that you, no matter which side you come down on, realize there really isn’t any us and them: it’s all us. There is one human family. And we, as I said above, all need Jesus.

I’ll do my level-headed best to not get in your way, okay? Can I expect the same of you?