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So. You know Ricky Anderson. He’s guest posted here before. We’re both in IT.


As such, you would think that we’re kindred souls, or some such.

You would think wrong. Ricky is a frenemy of the first order. Read on to see just exactly what I mean.

We’ve established that I’m a better Internet sleuth than Ricky Andretti, er, Anderson. (How’d you like that pizza, Ricky? The one with extra sardines (they were out of anchovies)?

I think he must be a little bitter about that–because he hacked my system, and filed my taxes for me!

Fortunately, I have friends at the IRS, and I told them what was going on. It’s all squared away now. In other words, Ricky, can you smell the audit coming your way?

Anyway, while junior was playing script kiddie, I was busy executing the largest social engineering scam in world history. And like that shampoo commercial of old, I told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on…

This thing went viral.

What did I do?

Well, as you may, or may not, know, Ricky is not currently on Facebook. I know, the horror, right? I mean how can he expect to grow his platform?

Since he wasn’t doing it, I decided I’d help him out. By creating a special URL (web address) that opens to a new email message imploring him to join Facebook. Yes, that’s right–at this very moment there are hundreds, if not thousands, of messages in his inbox asking “Why aren’t you on Facebook?”

(In fact, if you’d like to join the campaign, please click here. Ricky will be eternally grateful).

Ricky, come to the darkside. We’re waiting. 😉

What else should I do to Ricky? What would you do?

PS Ricky can’t wait to catch the re-release of the Phantom Menace in 3D. Because, as he said, “Jar-Jar in 3D! What’s not to love?” He preordered his tickets months ago, and that’s where he’s taking his wife for Valentine’s Day. To see Jar-Jar Binks in eye-popping 3D. (Or as I like to call it Stsr Wars: Episode 57, Lucas’s Search for Yet More Money

Round 2: over.

System administrators are an odd bunch. Often we interface with technology far better than we do with people. Rare is the sys admin who ably balances both people skills and technical savvy.


Though I haven’t met him in person, Ricky Anderson is one such person. He loves people, he loves tech, and is a wicked funny guy (and wicked smart, too–he routinely trounces me in Words With Friends), and a kindred soul.

Truly, a sense of humor is key in staying afloat in the demanding world of IT. As such, there are games we play with one another. One of those, that those of you in the blogosphere are familiar with, is “search bombing.” Search bombing is essentially stringing together a ridiculous Google/Bing/whatever search that points to a particular blogger’s site.

Ricky and I, being sys admins, haven’t search bombed each other–yet. But honestly, as IT guys, that’s kind of pedestrian. No, he started our “Sys Admin Games” by firing a WHOIS across my bow.

What’s a WHOIS? It’s a search for record containing ownership and/or administrative information for a particular domain. Thus, it caught me off-guard–for about, oh, point 03 nanoseconds–when Ricky hit me up with my domain information in a Words With Friends chat session. Then I got.

“You dog! You WHOISed me.”

“Darn you for making me seem less mysterious.”

I of course WHOISed him back, but his record is protected! So what to do, what to do?

Google was my friend here. I bided my time, endured several bitter defeats, and finally hit him up with his home address in chat.

“How did you get my address?”

“Ancient Chinese secret. Actually, it was Eric Schmidt and his Googles.”

Don’t worry, Ricky, your secret is safe with me. Besides, Taos* is a long ways to go for a joke.

Did you get the pizza I sent?

*Ricky doesn’t really live in Taos. DADT.

Peace out.

What are some online games you’ve played?

You read that right. For some reason, Tamara (of TamaraOutloud ) picked me to guest post for her today. Being that we’ve already established how I feel about her (hint: I “hate” her), I was surprised.

No, that’s not true at all. She put out a call for guest posts this past summer, and I was fortunate to have one that was deemed worthy of posting. I can tell you this: she is a pretty ruthless editor–but I survived. 😉

So, without further ado, allow me to direct you over to TamaraOutloud so that you can read about a game of “Words With A Friend”.

Thanks for having me, Tamara!

>Frankensteinphoto © 2009 Diego Torres Silvestre | more info (via: Wylio)

Perhaps you are familiar with the tale of Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley. At its heart it’s a tale of a man playing God, bringing life to lifelessness.

I didn’t do that. But I did make a monster. Have you been there? Thought what you were doing was cool? Had it turn out completely other than you expected?

Aye, there’s the rub: I’m not sure what I expected when I turned my wife onto Words With Friends, but I managed to create a word monster. Here’s a woman who had previously played no games on her iPhone now playing about fifteen at a time!

Like Victor Frankenstein, I feel responsible for her newfound addiction, but like Mr. Furious in the awesomely funny Mystery Men, am strangely impotent in combating it.

Because the truth is: I play, too.

I’m just as hooked!

Nietzsche was right: if one looks long into the Words, the Words look right back!

Is there a “Words With Friends” Anonymous I can call?

How about you? Do you play WwF? If so, what’s your screen name…

No, bad Chad! Must. Stop. Multiplying. Games.

What have you done to break your “addictions?” Or have you?