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So, Ricky Anderson pretty much badgered me via text yesterday about how he was going to bring our IT Wars, 2012, to a stunning, epic conclusion today.

He used DEFINITIVELY (like that, in ALL CAPS) so much, I felt like:



Then he conceded defeat.


Anywho, as I agreed to not write a rebuttal today, that’s all I have to say about the IT Wars; rather, I’d like to highlight some of Ricky’s best work, such as:

A Specimen of Embarrassment. Like Quantum of Solace, but starring Ricky. It is indeed as epic, awesome, and hilarious as it sounds. James Bond: eat your heart out.

The preceding DEFINITIVELY represents funny Ricky, but the following shows his serious, dare I say, heartfelt side:

Daddy’s Got You Covered

Anywho, despite the tonal differences in the two pieces, the second would DEFINITIVELY not exist without his undergoing the former.

If you asked, I’m sure Ricky would tell you the same. Wait for it…



On a serious note, he’s been a good sport throughout our mock war. And more than that, he’s “good peoples.” You can follow him on Twitter @Arthur2Sheds, and read his blog at Ricky Anderdon Dot Net – Always On Sale

Peace put, peeps! Make a great weekend!