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Mornings are, for me, a slog through lethargy:

A hungover fog of lassitude converges on, and covers, me.

The night, supposed to wash fatigue away, brings me full circle, right where I was before:

Wanting more of that fleeting thing called “sleep.” Yet slowly I creep through the morning’s activities, all while shimmering light harasses

My sleep-starved eyes.

Mornings are, for me, like moving through molasses.

I’m losing my eyebrows. And my hair is thinning, too. No, it’s not cancer (or chemotherapy), but my thyroid.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and have been on supplementation ever since. I thought this would augment my waning energy levels, but it hasn’t yet.

Yes, it could be worse–it could be cancer, or a thousand other things. It’s not, and thank God for that.

But it is a slow fade. My energy ebbs everyday, I crab at my wife and kids…

I despise mornings.

Work days are far fuller with far more to do (the motto? “doing more with less”) precisely when I feel as if I have less to give.

If you have noticed my absence from your blog, where maybe I used to comment daily, or weekly, this is why:

I have to triage my energy. I have a family to care for, a day job, this blog to write, and the book project I’m working on.

It truly is me, and not you. Know that you are in my thoughts, and prayers. And that I am with you in spirit.

In the meantime, I’m losing my eyebrows. My body that was fearfully and wonderfully made fearfully fades.

But His grace is sufficient. I have to trust this. What else do I have? Who else has the words of life?

How have you found God’s grace to be sufficient when you’re ground down on life’s millstone?


randomlychad  —  May 19, 2012 — 3 Comments

Tiredness is a pressure behind my eyes, fatigue a constant companion.

Coffee–once maligned–now measured: not in cups, but pints.

I’m waiting, Lord, for the faith to become sight.

I’m tired.