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Just a few short days ago, I was boogie boarding off the Southern California coast with my son, getting pounded by the surging surf.

Now I’m back here, awash in a sea of cubicles.

'Cubicle Panorama' photo (c) 2005, Kyle and Kelly Adams - license:

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'Best By' photo (c) 2008, Rene Schwietzke - license:

You’ve been to the store, seen the imprints on the labels: “Best by xx/xx/xxxx.” “Best before…”

Me, I ignore them. Oh, not the ones on products, or medicine–I’m quite assiduous in shunning those.

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>Treadmillphoto © 2010 Jennifer C. | more info (via: Wylio)

You thought it was safe. You just came here to exercise. At least that’s what you thought. It looked inviting. It’s what everyone else does, so why not?

You have the same rights as everyone else.

So you climb on, and start up. First, it’s a walk. Then, a jog. Now, you’re running. But you’re not getting anywhere.

You’re on a treadmill–a treadmill called envy.

And like an actual treadmill, envy is all journey, and no destination.

You run faster and faster, and still get nowhere.

You echo the words of George Jetson, saying “stop this crazy thing!”

It’s time to get off.

Envy is a dangerous treadmill.

Have you every been on this “treadmill?” What did you do to get off?

>Low carb Monster Energyphoto © 2009 Like_the_Grand_Canyon | more info (via: Wylio)

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been following a low carb eating plan. It just so happens that the start of this new lifestyle coincided with Lent.

Mind you, I didn’t plan it this way–it’s just way it worked out. And I don’t feel like I’ve really given anything up (except, well, pasta, bread, rice, potatoes–anything starchy or “carby”). Regular soda was really the big one for me: I gave that stuff up, and… substituted diet.

And that seems to be the way eating low carb works: it’s all about substituting foods I can’t have with ones I can. I’m having pretty much all the meat, salad, and green veggies I want. I supplement with vitamins, and I exercise.

Did I mention that I hate exercising? I mean I’d much rather read a book, or watch Castle on T.V., than exercise. If there’s been any sacrificial component to my Lent, it’s been this: the exercise. We have 22 flights of stairs at work, and I walk up them 3 times per day. (Did you know that one can do so in seven minutes? I didn’t either–until I tried. So that’s about 20-21 minutes of cardio five days per week).

All of which is perhaps my rambling way to get this point: maybe sometimes Lent isn’t so much about what one gives up, but about what one adds in? We can sacrifice by adding something into our lives just as much as we can by taking something out. As long as it’s the right thing.

(By the way, according to Wii Fit, I’ve lost 14.1 lbs thus far. Is that boasting?)