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I Don’t Understand the Emerging/Emergent Movement
      I have a confession to make, something I need to get off of my chest: I don’t really grok the whole emerging/emergent movement. This may sound odd coming from a rabid Donald Miller fan like me, but it’s true. Listen, I tried reading Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis, but he lost me with his talk of trampolines, springs, and the like. Doctrine is like a spring? Really? It is? Just how, I wonder? Now admittedly, I haven’t read any McLaren, but my question is: just what exactly is wrong with the historic faith that was once delivered to the saints? Why do we need A New Kind of Christianity? Having said that, perhaps I’m not the intended audience for these gentlemen. Maybe I’m just, you know, too churched (my faith journey spanning over twenty years at this point) to get it? C.S. Lewis wrote of a “hall” in Mere Christianitya place of commonality, of the “merely Christian”–and if the point of the emerging church is to get people into that hall, and from thence into the church proper, who am I to deride it? If however, the movement seeks to redefine life, the, universe, and everything—including holy writ—through a postmodern lens, then I must needs oppose it. In my mind, the jury is still out. Agree? Disagree? School me in the comments. Blessings to you!