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Those of you that know me well may be surprised to learn that, for a short time, I was once married to a dude.


Perhaps a little history is in order: in the dark recesses of the beginning–otherwise known as the dawn of the Internet age–there was a site called MySpace, upon which I had a profile. Initially, it was just, you know, my space, but I decided to add my wife–so that, just as in life, we shared a space. In essence, we decided that if we were–as the Bible says–“one flesh” IRL, we should be virtually as well. (Cute, right?)

And it was cool for awhile. We connected with friends, updated our statuses, etc. Got annoyed by all the Mafia Wars messages.

At some point, I heard people at work talking about a Facebook. Being the cool, hip, with it guy that I am, a created a profile there, and promptly did absolutely nothing with it.
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