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Since about February of this year, I’ve been on what can be termed a “carbohydrate-restricted” diet. I’m sorry, I mean, don’t call it a “diet”–it’s a lifestyle. This lifestyle has been great for my waistline–I’ve lost close to 40lbs–but hasn’t improved my sleep apnea.

Not one bit. I thought by losing weight, I would improve my nighttime breathing. Well, not so much. In fact, if anything, the apnea has gotten worse.

Not only that, though I’ve lost weight, my total serum cholesterol is 212, and my LDL is 143. Not such good numbers.

This, despite my “lifestyle,” and moderate exercise. Guess it’s all in the genes, or something.

Thanks, mom and dad! Thanks a lot.

Anyway, I thought I could get a handle on this without any additional doctor visits, etc. But it’s not looking that way. (You in the peanut gallery: shut up! I know full well it sucks to be middle aged). So, it looks like another sleep study is in order, and with a recurrent staph infection in my left nostril, a visit to the otolaryngologist (otherwise, like Treebeard, known as an ENT) as well. I hate going to the doctor!

All of this added to what my wife is going through health-wise: diabetes, adhesive capsulitis (“frozen shoulder”–for which she has been enduring painful physical therapy thrice-weekly for sometime now), and various other health issues as well.

Added to which, our son has had some issues with bullies at school.

All of which is to say that this introvert’s heart is on overload. Life is too much right now. So much so, that I presently don’t really care about my healthy regimen. I mean: eat right, exercise daily, die anyway, right? So I may as well eat what I enjoy.

Awesome headspace to be in, right? Can I get an “Amen?”

As you can probably guess–if you read yesterday’s post–I’ve been somewhat surly and withdrawn lately. If you don’t believe me, just ask my wife. 😉

I’m sorry if this sounds like a pity party; that’s not why I’m sharing. I’m just trying to be real with you.

Insofar as I know, I ain’t dyin’, but I feel–chronically–only about half alive. I guess what I’m saying is: I could use your prayers.

Thanks, and God bless!

How can I pray for you?

Last night, as is my habit, I gathered my kids for a Bible reading at bedtime. With a five year-old, and a thirteen year-old, it doesn’t always work out so well. They bicker, fight, look at, touch, and generally annoy each other.

But last night was different. Last night, I had our iPad read to us. Maybe because it wasn’t boring old dad’s boring old voice, they listened. It sounded pretty darn natural, too! Thanks, YouVersion–what am I supposed to do now? Now that you can read for me, what’s my job here?

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Can I just get this off my chest? I cringe whenever I hear a street preacher loudly “proclaiming” the Gospel. I wonder at the efficacy of it, preferring relational evangelism myself. I mean, come on, aside from the weird glances, how likely is this “seed” to take root?

'street preachers' photo (c) 2006, hobvias sudoneighm - license:

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Just a few short days ago, I was boogie boarding off the Southern California coast with my son, getting pounded by the surging surf.

Now I’m back here, awash in a sea of cubicles.

'Cubicle Panorama' photo (c) 2005, Kyle and Kelly Adams - license:

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Sometime ago, I had friends who spoke often about getting this, or that, “word from the Lord.” Usually, this was in reference to God’s will for them, and specifically in regards to what He wanted them to either do, or not do. His perfect will for their lives.

Problem is, oftentimes these things didn’t work out.

Consequently, the faith of my friends was repeatedly shaken, because God had somehow let them down.

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