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Having recently spent some time in southern California, I can attest to the fact that it has a culture all its own. The temperate climate seems to breed a people that are by-and-large very laid back and friendly (except on the ubiquitous freeways–which one, if one wishes to get anywhere, cannot avoid).

More than the love Californians bear for their weather, the beach, the surf, the ocean, they seem to love two things:

Their Pho.

And their smiles.

As my wife and motored around, taking in the sights, smelling the briny air (and exhaust), what we noticed more than anything else was:


Pho. Vietnamese noodle bowl.

These Pho (pronounced “fuh”) joints seemed to be as plentiful (if not more so) as Circle-Ks in Phoenix. There was literally one on every corner. There was Pho Huang, Pho To Chau, and Pho King.

Almost as ubiquitous were the dental offices. We passed one which advertised “Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.” Californians seem to love their teeth so much that going to the dentist on Thanksgiving, or Christmas, is a priority.


Look at those choppers!

It became a joke as we drove from Anaheim to Huntington Beach: “Look, Hon! A dentist’s office! Look another Pho joint! Pho Dim Sum Big Doc!”

The preponderance of these two types of establishments leads me to conclude that Californians love nothing more than to sink their pretty pearly whites into big, steaming bowls of Pho.

Pass the Siracha! But don’t forget to brush!