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This year, my favorite Christmas present wasn’t a gizmo, a gadget, a phone, or some other compellingly cool technological marvel.

I didn’t get:

An Amazon FireTV

An AppleTV

A new laptop

Or even any books (e, or otherwise).

No, my favorite gift this year was from my eight-year-old daughter (with an assist from mom, who took her shopping), and uses technology that’s been around for centuries.

While the other things would have been nice, displaying a knowledge of the things I like (and would have been appreciated), what I got shows me just how special I am to a certain little.

It shows me how loved I am.

It’s not really even so much the gift itself as it is the sentiment behind it. So just what is this magical gift?


Just a couple of bracelets–which happen to mean the world to me. Thank-you, Bella, daddy will wear them with pride.

Love you.

>Pepe!photo © 2010 Jonathan Wade | more info (via: Wylio)

My wife and I have a daughter. She was a surprise package from God–coming along almost eight years after her brother. We call her “Bella,” because she’s beautiful.

Thing is, and those of you who’ve lived for any length of time, or who currently have, or have raised, kids–you know. You know that kids aren’t always beautiful. They can be messy, loud, obnoxious, disobedient, whatever. That’s human nature.

Well, our precious, precocious, gregarious, extroverted little sweetie is no different. She has her moments. And being the youngest in a family of four strong-willed people (“It’s a madhouse,” yelled Mr. Heston), there’s very little she won’t do for attention.


“Hey, sweetie, how are you?” I ask.

“Pick me up, daddy. I love you.”

“Ok… Eww! What’s that…? Did you…? Bella!”

“I tooted!” she proudly proclaims.

This has proven to be one of her favorite games.

Thus, I’ve duly concluded that my daughter is a stinker.

What are some jokes your kids play on you?