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Last week, I posted ridiculous riffs on Rob Bell’s book titles. I also invited you to do your worst best, and proffer your own takes on famous Christian books.

There were some very clever, creative entries, such as:

This one from Chris Morris (follow him on Twitter @cmorriswrites)
All of Joel Osteen’s books were originally titled Look at My Pearly Whites Shine Like the Sun in My $3000 Suit.

Then there was this from Larry Carter (follow him on Twitter @larrythedeuce):

Don’t Lick The Mini-Me

This from Rob Shepherd (follow him on Twitter @robshep):

Everyday A Payday (by Joel Osteen)

Kevin Haggerty (follow him on Twitter @kevinrhaggerty) brought this gem:

“Intimacy with God (and His son, and His buddy the Holy Spirit…because they’re totally different people — not one person)” by T.D. Jakes

These were all strong contenders, but as with Highlander, “there can be only one” winner. Up for grabs was a copy of Leanne Shirtliffe’s hilarious book, Don’t Lick The Minivan. In the interests of objectivity, I had my good buddy, Ricky Anderson (who because he already owned a copy, recused himself from the giveaway), pick the winner.

Which was (drum roll, please)…

Meerkat Christianity, submitted by Blake Atwood. You can follow him on Twitter @batwood, or @FVMomentum

Congratulations, Blake! A copy of Mrs. Shirtliffe’s book is on its way to you from her agent. Thanks to everyone who played!