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Andrew Zahn Is On Fire!

randomlychad  —  September 19, 2012 — 13 Comments


No, not that kind. We don’t need to call his wife, Sarah. We don’t need the Fire Marshall.

No, the kind of fire I mean is the one Andrew is marshalling. If you’re a creative type, or even if you’re not (or afraid to see yourself as one), he’s just released sleek, slick, powerful new eBook called:

The 10 Commandments for Creatives

I guarantee reading it will ignite a creative fire under your a**. Andrew challenges us to see even mundane chores such as shopping in a new light (“As I took in the design of the label, I envisioned what a stack of them would like in our kitchen…”).

You see, the truth is: there are no mundane chores for the creative, rather life must be approached with the right perspective. So see labels in a new light, give yourself permission to smell the baking bread.

What Andrew is talking about is nourishing one’s soul–because we create out of our cores. As such, we must nourish them–feed them creative fuel.

Andrew also counsels us to celebrate what we have, instead of pining over what we don’t. Because this is poverty, and it disarms our creative selves. A great to short circuit this poverty–which sets the stage for envy–is to celebrate the accomplishments of others. Instead of carping about the job you didn’t get, or how successful so-and-so is, celebrate them.

Congratulate them–take them out for coffee.

Andrew says that celebrating others is the surest way to kill that green-eyed monster, jealousy.

I could go on. This short book is powerful, and power-packed, and I can’t encourage you strongly enough to buy it. Andrew has been kind enough to offer my readers a 50% discount through the end of September via the code “RANDOMLYCHAD.”

What are you waiting for? Set your creativity on fire:


Click here to buy The 10 Commandments for Creatives

You can find Andrew on his blog, Creatives, and on Twitter @zahndrew