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Saguaros Stand

randomlychad  —  May 25, 2013 — 4 Comments
'Saguaro with sunset' photo (c) 2009, kanu101 - license:

Saguaros stand lonely sentinel, clinging to life in arid soil. Looking like nothing so much as great green fingers and arms upraised, pointing to an empty sky. There is a distance between them, which can’t be crossed.

Like the distance between human hearts. How well can we know another? How well are we known? When we all stand, looking to the sky, bearing a question which is ours alone.

Like the cactuses, do we stand alone under the fiery gaze of a cruel, uncaring sun? Are we destined to forever rise in such close proximity to the community we need, only to find we are always and forever alone? That the spark can’t bridge the gap?

It is a Sisyphean task.

This continually reaching out, and it not being quite enough.

Yet I stretch my arms to the sky–for Who Else has the words of life? Like the cactus, I choose to stand. Though the hot sun beats down, and the dark night closes in.

I choose to believe…






Even when life is hardest, I will deny the darkness, and beat back the night. Even though it feels like it, one thing we never are:

We are never alone.

Have you ever felt alone?