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randomlychad  —  August 2, 2014 — 3 Comments

I’m not one to do things by half measures. I’m, like most men, sort of binary like that. I either don’t workout at all, or (like now) I’ve joined a gym, and am working out days per week.

It’s all about changes, really. I see my body changing, my energy flagging, and my waistline expanding. Time was, I didn’t have to do anything about it. I could eat what I wanted.

But the carefree days of youth are gone–replaced by sobering reality:

Things cannot continue as they have been. It’s time that childish ways were put behind me (while simultaneously keeping my childlike sense of wonder intact). I think about the future, about being there for my family…

It’s about far more than just exercise–as important as that is. It’s about setting an example, about leaving a legacy. To that end, while I’m exercising the self-discipline to condition my body, I’m also involved in counseling. Because I want to discipline my soul. I want to free myself from the wrong ways I’ve handled things.

I want to set an example for my family that continues long after I’m gone.

I want to finish strong.

So I work, and strive, now to build not just a better body, but a better soul. For it was for freedom that Christ set us free. I don’t want to continue to be entangled in the negative influences, and patterns, that have shaped me until now. It’s time to let that go.

I’ve learned something along the way I’d like to pass onto you:

It’s not enough to just let something (bad, negative, hurtful, sinful) go; no, else we risk leaving a void.

We have to replace those former things with something good, uplifting, holy.

You see, I’m making a lot of changes lately. I’m tearing down one house in order to build it upon a better foundation.


Are there any you need to make?

20120702-054007.jpgMy family and I are in a period of transitioning away from the church we’ve been attending for several years to a new one. In the meantime, we’ve seen God move in amazing ways (you have been a large part of this)

He has blessed us in ways we would never have expected.

So we want to honor Him by finding a fellowship where we can fit in, dive deep, and get involved. Very simply put, we don’t want to be found in a place where we’re “neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” (Heb. 10:25, ESV).

But we haven’t yet landed in a place that feels like home. I’m telling you because I would covet your prayers in this matter. We of course have a list, and while it seems the most important requirement is seemingly easiest to come by (“a fellowship which teaches the truth”), others are not: a high school service (for our son) which meets at the same time as the main adult service. (For our five-year-old daughter, al seem to have thriving children’s ministries–so that’s not an issue).

That doesn’t seem like too much to ask, right? You would be surprised at just how many churches have their senior high services at a different time and/or different day from their adult services.

Of our requirements, that is probably the one we are most willing to let go–if we find a place which feels like home.

If you would, please ask our gracious God to lead my family and I to the place where we’re supposed to be. Thank-you!

How about you? Have you ever left the church you called home for so long, only to find it hard to find a new one?