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When my wife and I married a little over twenty years ago, I didn’t want a T.V. I lost that battle. And in the spirit of “if you can’t beat them, join them,” I championed the idea of getting one for the bedroom. I admitted defeat. Sometimes I wonder if this was indeed the right decision, i.e., having a T.V. in our bedroom, but as she’s told me, it does indeed help my wife sleep. And I’ve observed it innumerable times, enough to know that it’s empirically so: something about that magic box, something about its sonorous rhythms, does indeed have a soporific effect on her.

In this, I envy her. Perhaps it’s because my brain is wired differently, or because I’m just different, but that magic box has an entirely different effect on me: I wake up, I engage, I need to know where the story goes. And thus it is that a man who knows better, a man with sleep apnea, stays up watching beyond all hours of common sense. Brothers and sisters this ought not to be, but it is. It is.

My latest addiction? ABC’s Castle, streamed from the Internet. This show has it: cast, chemistry, dialogue–truly crackerjack writing–and intriguing mysteries. What used to be termed a “corking good yarn.” Were she alive, I’m sure the late Dorothy Sayers would approve.

Therein lies the rub: I’m only a man, finite of resources, and something’s got to give somewhere. I’ve no doubt that my late night habits have had a detrimental impact on: my family, my work performance, this blog, my friendships… I need look no further than my son recently serving detention at school–because of tardies I caused–to know this is so.

Dear family, friends, readers, God: please forgive me. As with other matters I’ve previously committed to prose, I know by putting this down here I open myself to accountability–to myself, and others. I look forward to it. (And yes, my wife reads my ramblings. I wouldn’t have it any other way).

How about you? Is there anything you do that you know you shouldn’t? Any guilty pleasures you care to divulge? Let’s join one another in prayer, shall we?