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Folks, this week’s Wednesday Haterade is running today, Friday. Why? You ask. Well, it’s because I was everywhere on the Internet on Wednesday. Seriously. I had Sharideth Smith guesting here, I guested on her blog, and a piece I wrote for Alise Wright’s “Guest Post-A Pallooza” ran then as well.

I. Was. Everywhere. On. The. Internet. 😉 Which was cool, and scary, and fun. Those ladies are good peoples! Read their blogs!

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If you’ve read this blog for any time at all, you’ve seen mentions of both Bryan Allain and the BlogRocket Community. Both are excellent resources for bloggers; in fact, Bryan started BlogRocket out of a desire to help bloggers grow their platforms, hone their writing voices, and build tangible relationships with other bloggers.

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So if you made it around the blogosphere at all this week, you’d know that I won a contest put on by @JBEmerson on his blog, The Whole Dang Thing. (What is “the whole dang thing, you ask?” The Bible, of course. Ben is blogging his way through the Bible–chapter-by-chapter, line-upon-line, verse-upon-verse, here a little, there a little. You should check it out!).

What did I win? A whole dang heapin’ helpin’ o’ hate, that’s what!

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So my buddy Bryan Allain tweeted the following today:

“I challenge you to name me 10 better feelings than those few seconds after making it to the urinal just in time. You can’t.”

'Gold top 10 winner' photo (c) 2007, Sam Churchill - license:

To which I replied “It’s on.” Because, you know, when someone throws down like that you gotta rise to the challenge!

Am I right?

The list that follows is my attempt to run Bryan’s gauntlet. Or yank his chain. 😉

#10 Just making it to the toilet (after eating too much Taco Bell).

#9 Just making it with your kid when they “can’t hold it anymore.”

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Sunday Shares

randomlychad  —  May 29, 2011 — 9 Comments

>Bla-bla List: Share listphoto © 2006 JW_00000 | more info (via: Wylio)

This week, I have by turns been challenged, chastened, inspired, awed, and not a little jealous (in no particular order) of the following:

Caleb Wilde is a funeral director in Pennsylvania, and blogs at Confessions of a Funeral Director. It’s an awesome blog by an introverted guy writing on the intersection of life, death, and eternity (sometimes quite snarkily). Check him out.

Shawn Smucker is one my new favorites; he blogs at His post on What My Eastern-Religion-Leaning Friend Taught Me About Being a Christian was particularly challenging to me.

Ben Emerson is currently engaged in one of the most audacious projects I’ve ever encountered: he’s blogging his way through the entire Bible with panache and wit. You can fine him at The Whole Dang Thing.

Andrea Cumbo blogs at, and her post on Writing Is Not Lonely, But Avoiding It Is truly touched my soul.

Here are three words that may not necessarily compute, but are nonetheless true: Funny. Baptist. Pastor. Who is this? Matt Cannon, who blogs at The Seeking Pastor. He never fails to deliver the funny, while serving up some inspiration (and sometimes some conviction, too). And sometimes he gets all poemy. And it all works!

Best new blog I’ve read is that of Shanda Sargent, who blogs at The Upside Down Pastor’s Wife. Her post on the field is one of my favorites.

You should check all of these out; indeed there are many others–too many for space and time to permit.

My last recommendation is Bryan Allain’s BlogRocket, where I encountered the first four bloggers mentioned here. If you are a blogger looking to grow your platform, the Blog Rocket community is the place to be.

One last thing: Adam McHugh is running a series of guest posts this week on introverted parenting. I believe he’s kicking it off tomorrow with my post regarding my struggles as an introverted father.

Thanks for reading! Happy Lord’s day!