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Forgotten How

randomlychad  —  November 13, 2014 — 5 Comments

I think I’ve forgotten how to blog. How to write. Or at least have forgotten what I loved about it in the first place. Sitting here, staring at the blank page, it’s hard to believe this site used to see updates from me five days a week.

How did he do it? That guy that used to be so passionate, so engaged? I he guess he forgot that his work was never about him at all, but was about you–the reader.

He forgot that this was intended to be a place to make you laugh, think, reach for God. Instead, he made it about himself.

But that guy is done. He’s not welcome here anymore. This blog is about you–about what reaches you, blesses you, what challenges you, what makes you tick. Because this writer believes that unless you see yourself reflected back at you in these words you’ll breeze out of here like yesterday’s news.

So what would you like to see written about here?

Like anything else, this blog doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is what it is because you are who you are. Because you read it. If I were just interested in doing mind dumps, there are such things as diaries.

But that isn’t my purpose. And God knows I’m not out to win any popularity contests. What I am interested in is beating back the dark, helping us all–you, me–to know that we’re not alone.

I post my very human flaws, doubts, frailties because I belive that I’m not alone in them.

And in that regard, I’d like to ask you: are you being served? Is this blog meeting a need in your life? Can you identify, or are you interested in seeing different content here? Share in the comments.