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Foresight has failed. I’m a bit pressed for time today. Thus instead of delivering a heaping helping of my random brain droppings, I thought I’d share some of the best and the brightest from the week that was.

Presented in no particular order, these are posts that resonated with me:

Andrew Zahn with Living a Better Creative Story This piece is both a quasi-review, and homage, to Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Like the book, this post works on many different levels.

Jessie Buttram celebrates her metamorphosis from almost being ashamed of, to embracing, her Phillipino heritage. A very beautifully done piece.

The consistently brilliant Shawn Smucker discusses the merits of having a relationship with an invisible God in Cade and I Discuss the Merits of an Invisible God Who Often Doesn’t Seem to be Listening

The very funny Ricky Anderson makes a triumphant return to blogging with Swiss Army Knives for Babies. Yes, it’s about that most dangerous of all dadly doodies: assemblage.

Tor Constantino knocks it outta the park with some important communication lessons in 5 Communication Lessons for Couples. Yes, this is a tale told in melted plastics. Click the link, you’ll understand.

Along with these outstanding posts, there a couple of “new to me” blogs I’d like to highlight:

Kevin Haggerty’s The Isle of Man. He did a great interview with my blogging mentor, Bryan Allain, this week: Isle of Man Dot Net Interview with Bryan Allain &

Scott Moore’s The Moore You Know, where you can find a hilarious interview with David Robbins: Echoes In The Pines

That’s a the time I have for today. Peace out, peeps!

What were your favorites from the week?