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I’m going to lay my cards out now: while there are commandments–rules–in the Bible, that is not its primary purpose. It is primarily about the relationship we are privileged to have with the Creator of the universe. Thus, the rules exist to govern how we relate to him, and each other. And rule number one is love. In my estimation, God is not about rules for rules sake–else why do the scriptures tell us that “man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart?”
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For 3rd time in as many years, I’ve had to change my email signature.

For over two years, I had “Heb Dduw heb ddim, Duw a digon” as part of my signature. This is Welsh for “Without God without anything, God is enough.” Which is truly how I feel.

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So, Sharideth Smith and I are riding together (along with a whole host of other awesome bloggers) on Bryan Allain’s BlogRocket. She’s guest posting for me here today, and I’m laying some smack down on the ladies over in her crib (hey, turnabout’s fair play, right?). On a related note, in an unfortunate bit–albeit MotorCop approved–of Internet double-parking, I’m also guest posting for Alise Wright. So, please go over there and check out my bearing of soul.

Anyway, with her scintillating snark, and absolutely deadpan sense of of humor, here’s the “Wednesday Addams” of Christian blogging, Sharideth Smith:

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so the pastor wars are on. maybe not directly between the rock star super shepherds, but battle lines have been drawn among the fans.


yes. fans.

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Folks, I’ve made no secret here on the blog of the fact that I like J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books. The timeless themes of self-sacrifice, loyalty, of making hard choices–doing the right thing, rather than the easy thing–are what are so attractive about the books. That, and the rather obvious parallels the story has with the Gospel. (Aside from all that, as they say in England, the narrative is just a corking good yarn.)

Taken together, these form a strong (in mind) case as to why these books should have a place in your library.

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>No home remedy or quack doctor ever cured syphilis or gonorrheaphoto © 2009 Playing Futures: Applied Nomadology | more info (via: Wylio)

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve done it, too. Instead of a sweet-smelling savor, instead of a pleasant taste, you’ve left the stench of suppurating pustules in your wake.


Through Christian “gonorrhea.” The Christian “clap.”

There are a myriad ways this happens–like when you went to lift someone up, and prayed them in the back.

That’s Christian “clap.”

Or when you whip out your iPhone at the family dinner table, yes, then your life is really out of whack.

And, yes, that’s Christian “clap.”

Perhaps you make an office of the “throne room” in your home? Make an abode of your commode?

Yes, even that, too, is Christian “clap.” (Or it might just be crap).

If this is you, then only one medicine will suffice–stronger than sulfa, more powerful than penicillin–it’s only six letters long, and curiously enough six (give or take) is also the number of inches from head to heart.

How to span that gap:


And stop spreading the Christian “clap.”