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A month ago, at the urging of Caleb McNary, I joined forces with a group of fellow bloggers.

We joined faces forces to form a team, an hirsute team. Our purpose? To go on strike. From shaving.

That’s right, along with millions of others, we united, like the Federation of Planets, to observe the the annual beardfest known as “No Shave November.”

We did this to highlight the need for something we here in America take for granted. Every. Single. Day:

Clean drinking water.

We tweeted, we cajoled, we pleaded.

And you stepped up to the plate, knocking it right out of the park!

This is for you:


Oh, sorry–my bad. This is for you:


Because we, the #BeardedBloggers didn’t do it–you did!

Thank-you very, very much!