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On this blog I’ve striven to be honest with you, sharing many of my struggles, foibles, flaws. Even so, there is much you don’t know–simply because people are much more complex than mere words can convey.

What I have shared here, I have chosen to, pouring over the words. I have been the gatekeeper of those words. And I write for many reasons, among which are:

1) Because I love it;

2) To know that I’m not alone.

I hope that number one is fairly obvious, and number two (no poo jokes, please) you have proven to me time and time again. But as much as you think you know me, with as much as I’ve shared, you really only know about me. (You don’t know me the way my wife does, right? And thank God for that! And yet even she, being a separate, but human, soul can’t possible know everything that is me).

What do I mean?

There is only One Who knows me, and you, absolutely, utterly, completely. And there is nothing hidden from the eyes of Him with Whom we have to do. He is the only one who knows the darkest depths of our depravity, and still chooses to love us anyway.

Our transcendent, infinite God know us completely in all of our ways. As David wrote in Psalm 139, He knows us “Even before a word is on our tongue.”

Think on that for a minute.

God is simply indescribable because He is infinite. As vast as the universe is, God is vaster still.

And as wonderfully complex as our eyes, brains, and bodies are, God is much more so.

Even though each chromosome of our DNA has some 20 billion bits of information, just Who encoded that data?

We are fearfully and wonderfully made by a fearfully wonderful Creator:

He is all knowing. The theological word is “omniscient.” It means that before we even knew there was such a thing as a “Higgs Boson,” God knew, and He waited, like a parent teaching a toddler to walk, for us to discover it–delighting in our every faltering step along the way.

It’s too wonderful–incomprehensible–for me. There is nowhere we can go that is away from God’s presence and sight. Even the darkness is light to Him. I can hide from you, you can hide from me, but
nowhere is there where we may be obscured from Him.

God is all present.

He never leaves nor forsakes us.

He is all powerful (omnipotent).

He put us together in our mother’s wombs.

In short, God is simply indescribable because He is intimate. And there is comfort in being so known.

Yet we often hide because we are afraid. We want to be known, but only so much. We want to control that info.

God knows and sees all.

We don’t want people to see our junk, but God knows & sees, and still loves us anyway.

And He lays His hand of comfort upon us.

Lastly, He is simply indescribable because He is redemptive. Romans 5:8 tells us “God shows His love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Before we ever had thought of, or knew our need for, Him, He did that.

And those words are writ large upon the page in crimson ink.

Even so, we separate from fellowship with this God Who knows, and loves, us so when we sin.

Since there’s no place to hide, we should simply run to Him.

We are all prodigals, but Jesus took the penalty.

He knows you. Do you know Him today?