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Finally Free

randomlychad  —  July 26, 2012 — 11 Comments

Today, my friend Larry Carter, posted a brilliant piece on being a “dangerous Christian blogger.” In it, he discusses what it means to be dangerous, and gives Jon Acuff as example of dangerous.

Jon is apparently dangerous because he lovingly polks fun at the funny things we do in the name of Christ via satire.

Larry mentions that good satire is hard to do. This is true–I’ve tried a time, or two, and have fallen flat on my proboscisly–enhanced face. Because satire is not my forte.

If I’m at all honest, I’ve tried more times than I care to admit to be (like):

Jon Acuff

Bryan Allain

Paul Johnson (the Good Greatsby)

And others

Problem is, the world being neither wants, nor needs, any more of these fine men. Because it, and God, only require one thing: that I be me.

And only one thing of you, too:


The funny thing about that, being the opposite side of the proverbial coin, is that authenticity shares one thing in common with posturing:

It’s off-putting. It’s threatening.

Oh, not to those who are looking for it–no, for them it resonates, it’s a cold drink on a hot day.

But it’s threatening to the establishment, to the structures which thrive on rules. If there is one that’s surprised me the most since becoming a Christian, it’s how threatened the establishment is by simple truth.

By authenticity.

And that plasticity suffocates. We wonder why the younger generation has no interest in the church–it’s because we’re so afraid to get real.

Cookie cutter Christianity does no favors for anyone. We need to ask ourselves:

“Are we winning people to our point(s) of view, or winning souls to Christ?” We need to take a good, hard, long look at what we’re about.

Are we being real who God called each of us to be, are we copying someone else, or God forbid are we doing something because “That’s the way it’s always been done?”

If asking these questions makes me a dangerous Christian blogger, then so be it–I’ll be dangerous.

But only because it flows out from within, from who I am inside. Know this though: I don’t claim such a name for myself–I don’t feel dangerous.

In fact, don’t call me dangerous–because I just feel like me. But if that’s dangerous, then so be it–I embrace it.

Because when I’m not trying be someone else, I’m finally free. Free to be the best me I can be. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump: “dangerous is as dangerous does.”

How about you? Are you dangerous? Are you free? Free to be the you God made you to be?