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'Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher' photo (c) 2009, Josh Jensen - license:

In case you’ve been living under a rock, and didn’t know, it appears Hollywood power couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are headed for a divorce. These are the headlines that could be:

In effort to save failing marriage, Moore offers Kutcher a Striptease; Kutcher too “tired.” Says he wants No Strings Attached.

Hearing of his affair, Moore goes all G. I. Jane on Kutcher’s sorry white butt. After beatdown, he asks Dude, Where’s My Car?

Asking Kutcher Guess Who, Moore shouts “Here’s Demi!”

Moore thinking nothing but Mortal Thoughts; Kutcher gathers Personal Effects.

Folks, I would be remiss if I didn’t
point out that today’s post was inspired by The Good Greatsby. Head over and read his awesome blog! Not sure how I found him, but I believe it was a link off of Ricky Anderson’s blog. In any case, read those and grow wise. Or maybe just laugh a lot!

One more for you before I leave:

Proving its attraction Stronger, and that he’s already LOST, Rob Bell resigns his pastorate, and moves to Hell(ywood). Carlton recuses himself of all spiritual content.

Peace out peeps!

How about you give it a try? Make some headlines using movie titles in the comments below.

Alright. I need to get this off my chest. It’s been seething inside of me since I read it (in one sitting!).

I “hate” Bryan Allain’s new eBook, 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo.

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Good morning! I see that you’re up early. I am, too. Well, virtually anyway–on account of teh magic of teh intartubes, I have a guest post going up on on Ricky Anderson’s blog sometime around o’dark thirty this morning.

While the post may be up, I’ll still be warmly snuggled in my bed, dreaming of fluffernutters, and sawing logs with Paul Bunyan.

As for Babe? We got hungry! Logging is exhausting, appetite-inducing work! Mmm, oxtail!

Anyway, you should probably head over to Ricky’s blog now to read about just how mean I am to my customers and coworkers. (Unless he changed the post’s name, it’s called Good Admins Behaving Badly).

Ricky ain’t the only one with passive/aggressive tendencies. Just sayin’. 😉

Goodmornoonevening, everyone! Welcome to the return of Wednesday Haterade! The “Hate” was on hiatus last week on account of a disk crash at VPS.Net. Thanks, VPS! You’re awesome! NOT!!!! (Thankfully, my awesome host, BlogRocket Hosting is dropping VPS like a potato grown in the fields outside Chernobyl).

But you didn’t stop by to read about my hosting woes, right? You came for the “hate!” Well, shame on you! Don’t you know it’s wrong to hate?

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Folks, this week’s Wednesday Haterade is running today, Friday. Why? You ask. Well, it’s because I was everywhere on the Internet on Wednesday. Seriously. I had Sharideth Smith guesting here, I guested on her blog, and a piece I wrote for Alise Wright’s “Guest Post-A Pallooza” ran then as well.

I. Was. Everywhere. On. The. Internet. 😉 Which was cool, and scary, and fun. Those ladies are good peoples! Read their blogs!

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