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Who is Jesus? How do we begin to answer that question? Of course, the safe answer is that He is God. Which, again of course, is absolutely true. But how do we define God? To our finite minds–as with any other person–all we have to go on are His demonstrated attributes. Yet as much as they tell us about Him, that’s all they do: tell us about Him. It’s a starting point, but He is vaster still than the cosmic ocean of stars seen in the night sky. We will never plumb the depth, breadth, or height of Him with Whom we have to do…

I don’t presume to speak for you, but for me it’s far easier to define what He isn’t–rather than what He is.


Because He constantly defies all expectations. He won’t be cajoled, or pigeonholed, beaten or boxed up. Knock Him down, and He rises again. Most frustratingly for us finite creatures, He tacitly refuses to give answers, simply saying–with arms outstretched–that He is the Answer.

Yet, for me I find no other guide I’d rather follow between here and there, the now and the not yet:

He is God–He is Jesus–shatterer of all paradigms.

Who is He to you?

Hat tip to my friend, Larry Shallenberger, whose post, Why Jesus Might Not Like “Just Give Me Jesus” Theology, inspired my post today. Thanks for being my muse, Larry!