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I am so thankful for the connections that the Internet, and blogging, have afforded me. Among those, and indeed the most recent, is with Presbyterian minister, and introvert, Adam McHugh. He is the author of the stellar book, Introverts in the Church. I highly recommend that you check it out.

Recently, Mr. McHugh interviewed author Jason Boyett about the effects his introversion has had on his faith journey. From this came numerous comments from introverted parents; so many, that McHugh, despite not being a parent himself, decided to spend a week hosting a series of guest posts from introverted parents. To which I have the distinct privilege of contributing (from reading this blog, you may be surprised to learn that, in fact, I am an introvert. All I can say is that writing is decidedly different from speaking, and no, I definitely do not wear my heart on my sleeve in real life. This blog is a reflection of my interior life).

Following is a portion of my post:

Coupled with my sinful nature, being an introverted parent leaves me
feeling nothing so much as guilt. I feel guilty when I take time to be by
myself, because it’s not always at an opportune time for my wife, or kids.
But the fact is, at least during the week, I’ve been at my job all day, been
engaging in “functional extroversion.” Though ostensibly my work is with
technology, it’s really in customer service–thus I must be amiable,
friendly, “chatty” throughout the day. I’m no less than exhausted when I get home. I find that I must retreat, must do something to replenish my mental and emotional stores. So it is that, because we have no office in our home, I sequester myself in the bathroom. It’s the one place where, mostly, I
won’t be bothered. This however does not keep my heart from feeling pangs of guilt when my children knock at the door, begging for my attention. It hurts me, it hurts them, but right then I literally have nothing to give. Not a

Please head over to Adams’s blog, the Introverted Church, to read the rest.

Thank-you so much for reading, and for your support: it has meant the world to me.

God bless,