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Life, as they say, goes on. The show must go on. I get up everyday, by God’s grace, and carry on. But what happens when life doesn’t go on? For those three thousand souls, September 11th, 2001 was just another day.

Life was going on.

They arose, bathed, dressed, went off into the wide world on all manner of business. Trying to make it to the office, make flights, maybe make love to their spouses before heading out. Maybe working out before a busy day. None of them knowing that life would not be going on too much longer. Not one knew, as each readied for the day, that these moments would be the last with family. The last hugs and kisses. The last sound of children’s laughter (or sibling rivalry). So many lasts

I remember them today, those for whom life did not go on.

I also remember their friends, and family members, each of whom–in the wake of tragedy and loss–had to find a way to go. I remember the emergency service workers, rushing into to burning buildings while others rushed out. They made the ultimate sacrifice for those whom they did not know; it didn’t matter–life is what mattered. Saving as many human souls as possible is what mattered.

I remember us today: we, the living. I pray we remember what a precious gift life is, and how it can snatched away in but an instant. We never know when once we step out the door what a day will hold.