Grace and Faith to Spare

randomlychad  —  July 6, 2012 — 6 Comments

We who write, or create–sculpt, paint– feel a certain filial affection towards our creations. This stands to reason, for we pour much of ourselves into our work. In fact, no less than the great J.R.R. Tolkien called mankind a race of “sub-creators”–we create because we were fashioned in the image of the Creative One.

I would venture to say that it’s in our DNA.

We create–art, books, even blog posts–because we were made to do so. And always, like a parent raising a child, there’s a letting go that necessarily takes place when our art emerges into the world. Just as a child is conceived, and grows in the womb, it cannot stay thus cocooned. Because it was never meant to:

Art does not exist in a vacuum: it was made to be shared.

But in so doing, we who create, risk. Because our art takes on a life of its own. Again like a child, though a part of us, it exists independently of us. And that is a gamble.

For those who, like me, write, we never quite know how our words will be received. This is a condition endemic to humanity:

We want to be liked.

But as “sub-creators” this is a trap. Did God the Father do what He did–making us and the universe ex nihilo–because He needed to be liked?

I contend to you NO!

He did it for the sheer joy of creating, because His nature is love. Love freely gives, desires to share.

And that is the place you, and I, need to be:

In it for love.

Else we fall victim to pride, hurt, misunderstanding… Don’t get me wrong: we will be misunderstood. But if we’re in it, as God Himself is and was, just for love–and not for approval, or affirmation, we can weather those storms with grace and faith to spare.

What do you think? Do you blog, paint, post, write? Please take the time to share:




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