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randomlychad  —  June 26, 2012 — 5 Comments

'Power of Story' photo (c) 2007, Bill Olen - license: by chance you’ve been around here recently, you will have noticed posts regarding the Ransomed Heart Ministries upcoming Wild at Heart Bootcamp. This is a men’s retreat based upon John Eldredge’s best-selling book of the same name. I shared how I had been accepted into the lottery for this event, but didn’t have funds to go. It was very humbling to lay my heart so bare before you.

Here’s the rest of the story–YOUR story:

As you know, I told a bit of my childhood story, and made my initial appeal, in Lessons From My Father/I Need Your Help. That post went up in the middle of the night on Father’s Day; when I woke up, I was blown away! God had moved upon a kind soul’s heart in a miraculous way. I was stunned. I cried. I told my wife. Who was stunned as well, and cried, too.

I put that post out there, put my heart on the line, not knowing how it would land. After the shock of the initial response, I found my faith bolstered. “This could really happen,” I thought.

And you know what? I wrote some more about it, did a couple of giveaways, and funds continued to come in all week long! As it says in the scriptures “here a little, there a little” (yes, I know I’m taking that out of context)–point is it continued to come in.

Every time I received a notice that monies had arrived, there was a hitch in my breath, and tears in my eyes. You were overwhelming me with your generosity! You, and the God we all serve.

Through you, He was telling me that He loves me. I can’t tell you how long I’ve struggled with that very thing, how growing up with a critical, absentee dad impacted my ability to receive my Abba’s love.

But with your help, I would be breaking free.

Or so it seemed.

Because when last Friday rolled around, the flow of donations that had been a steady stream, slowed to trickle, and then stopped altogether. We were stuck at a place $70.00 short of the goal. In my initial post, I said “If we don’t meet the goal all donations will be refunded.”

And that weighed heavily upon my heart. I pondered it all day–I watched, and prayed. Hoping for more donations to come in. When they didn’t, I strongly considered doing just that: giving all the monies back.

But it didn’t feel right. I didn’t think doing that would honor the faith you had placed in me, or honor the story we were together telling. To have come so far, get so close, and then turn back from the “plough”–what kind of story would that be?

You had sacrificed to give to me.

So in faith, believing, as the midnight deadline loomed nearer, I went through with the registration. Not knowing where that last $70.00 would come from.

And you know what?

You know what?

As I had during the wee hours of Father’s Day, I went to bed. When I awakened, I rushed to my phone hoping to see that last miracle…

But it wasn’t to be.

After breakfast, as I walked with my wife–somewhat dejected–that last email came in:

$70.00 arrived (via a kind soul) from PayPal! Which means:

All you had given exactly what you were supposed to, because the total amount of donations matched exactly the tuition: $475! How like God to wait until the last minute (or even beyond), for He alone will have the glory.

To those of you wo gave: thank you for believing in me, and believing in what God clearly wants to do. I will treasure your sacrifice always. To those who couldn’t donate, but gave of your time, tweets, and prayers: you all are awesome, too! Thank-you to everyone who read, shared, and believed right along side me!

This is YOUR story!

God bless you,





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