Guest Posting Today for Tor Constantino on “The Daily Retort”

randomlychad  —  May 17, 2012 — 2 Comments

I have the extreme honor today to be guest posting for Tor Constantino on his blog, The Daily ReTORt. Long time readers of this blog may recall that last year, I gave 6 Reasons Why I “Hate” Tor Constantino. Not that I, of course, really hate him–that piece was just a fun way for me to highlight Tor and his work.

Speaking of: for Tor, and his lovely wife, Kim, “work” is about to get a lot harder: they are soon welcoming a baby boy into their family. Please join me in both congratulations, and prayer. They’re gonna need it. 😉

All kidding aside, Tor is among the nicest people I’ve become acquainted with on the Internet; he always been there with a kind word, a timely comment, and a consistent “Follow Friday” on Twitter. He is, as they say, “good peoples.”

As such, he offered to host me in a guest spot. And I promptly went on hiatus, and forgot all about it. Recently, he gently reminded me of his offer, and the result is… different, perhaps from what you’re accustomed to reading around here:

Radagast the Brown For President

Being the better known one among the Maiar, and a war hero to boot, Gandalf was a shoe-in for the presidential nomination. Unfortunately, owing to the little fact of his departure from Middle Earth via the Grey Havens, he no longer met the rather stringent residency requirements. Which leads to the obvious question: how about Radagast the Brown? How about him?

You know what? If we can ever get Ralph Nader to stop running, old Raddie would be the ripest pick for
the Green ticket. That is if we can ever get him away from Tom Bombadil’s place–picking flowers, eating honey cakes, drinking Goldberry’s tea. Or something.

To read the rest, please click over to Tor’s blog, The Daily ReTORt.




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