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Today, I have the extreme honor of guest posting for Caleb Wilde on his blog, Confessions of a Funeral Director, on the need Embracing the Mystery.

I became acquainted with his work through Bryan Allain’s Killer Tribes.

Being a sixth generation funeral director, and a believer in Jesus Christ, Caleb has a unique take on “life at the crossroads of this world and the next.” By which I mean if you’re not reading his blog you should be. See to it. You’ll be glad you did.

While I have your “ear,” please keep Caleb and his wife, Nicole, in your prayers: they recently adopted a beautiful baby boy. And in addition to the needs and challenges of a new infant, Caleb–like me–has sleep apnea. Since I know what apnea is like, and with a sincere consideration for his line of work, I will refrain from making any “living dead” jokes.

But seriously, if you are the praying kind, send some up to the throne for Caleb. (Personally, I can’t imagine juggling the emotional toll of his job, caring for a new baby, and dealing with apnea).

Again, his blog is Confessions of a Funeral Director, and you can follow him on Twitter

Head on over to check out my guest post, and stick around to read some of Caleb’s work. Please leave him a comment, or two.




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