God’s “Fu*k You”

randomlychad  —  April 18, 2012 — 28 Comments



Not a word much-used in polite company. Not a pretty word by any stretch. (See how I have trouble even writing it?). It’s an ugly–yet powerful–word.

It assaults our ears, and brutalizes our sensibilities.

Besides its obviously sexual, and perjorative, connotations, I submit that it’s also a strongly theological word.

What do I mean? (Has he lost his mind, you ask?).

Well, there’s this:

There it stood upon the crest of Golgotha looking nothing so much as like an upraised middle finger. And it was: Jesus’ cross was the center one, sandwiched in-between two thieves.

Akin to the aural ugliness of the word– fu*k–was the ugly spectacle of Calvary:

It was the ultimate display of a Father’s frustrations with a sin-soaked world. The sheer barbarity of an innocent man suffering so brutalizes our sensibilities, brings us up short (like the power of a certain word dropped in conversation–it knocks the wind out of us).

Then we realize: we are the brutalizers, we put him there.

If sin is our “fu*k you” to God, the cross is God’s “Fu*k you!” to sin, to our lost condition. To an enemy, who instead of winning at Calvary, lost utterly.

It is a holy battle cry of victory. That, too, is the redemptive power of Calvary.

What do you think?




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