“Little Bits of Our Lord”

randomlychad  —  February 28, 2012 — 11 Comments


I go to a great church. It’s all about connecting people with God through Jesus. It’s awesome. Our mission statement is “Win. Train. Send.”

Win believers to Jesus Christ.
Train believers to become to disciples.
Send disciples out into the highways and byways.

Like I said, it’s great.

It’s also, in a way, very ritualistic. But there’s nothing wrong with ritual, per se (as long as the ritual is a means to higher end, and not an end in itself).

What I mean is we follow the same order of service every week:

Praise and worship, communion, offering, and sermon. For a hip, happening church it’s very “traditional:” three points and a prayer. Yes, things need to be done “decently and in order.” However:

Like I said above, there’s nothing wrong with rituals–until they start to feel ritualistic, become rote. Become more about something to get through, than why.

What do I mean?

Take communion, for example. Never have I attended a church where it was served every week. It was, at best, a once a month, or once a quarter, thing. And it was special. It wasn’t too familiar. It wasn’t common.

Yes, we’re supposed to be close to Jesus, but I don’t think we should be casual, or overly familiar, with communion. There should a mystique, an air of the numinous. And perhaps it shouldn’t be served with such regular frequency? Be that as it may, in my church’s defense, I understand the need for expediency, it being a large church. Thus communion is served quickly.

However, what I never expected to find were all those little bits of our Lord floating in the juice cups. In what is supposed to be a reflective time, in their haste to taste the body and blood, people are knocking those flavorless white pellets into the juice like so much flotsam.

I know our Lord walked on water, but I’m not sure He wanted to be summarily dunked. Besides, who wants juice with bits of flavorless floating flotsam in it? I know I’m not picking that cup.

Brothers and sisters, this ought not to be. Please be kind, unwind, relax as you reach for your communion pellet. Take a moment and remember why you’re there taking it in the first place.

Your fellow churchgoers will thank you.


Your brother in Christ,


What strange things have happened during communion at your church?




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