The Games Sysadmins Play

randomlychad  —  January 26, 2012 — 19 Comments

System administrators are an odd bunch. Often we interface with technology far better than we do with people. Rare is the sys admin who ably balances both people skills and technical savvy.


Though I haven’t met him in person, Ricky Anderson is one such person. He loves people, he loves tech, and is a wicked funny guy (and wicked smart, too–he routinely trounces me in Words With Friends), and a kindred soul.

Truly, a sense of humor is key in staying afloat in the demanding world of IT. As such, there are games we play with one another. One of those, that those of you in the blogosphere are familiar with, is “search bombing.” Search bombing is essentially stringing together a ridiculous Google/Bing/whatever search that points to a particular blogger’s site.

Ricky and I, being sys admins, haven’t search bombed each other–yet. But honestly, as IT guys, that’s kind of pedestrian. No, he started our “Sys Admin Games” by firing a WHOIS across my bow.

What’s a WHOIS? It’s a search for record containing ownership and/or administrative information for a particular domain. Thus, it caught me off-guard–for about, oh, point 03 nanoseconds–when Ricky hit me up with my domain information in a Words With Friends chat session. Then I got.

“You dog! You WHOISed me.”

“Darn you for making me seem less mysterious.”

I of course WHOISed him back, but his record is protected! So what to do, what to do?

Google was my friend here. I bided my time, endured several bitter defeats, and finally hit him up with his home address in chat.

“How did you get my address?”

“Ancient Chinese secret. Actually, it was Eric Schmidt and his Googles.”

Don’t worry, Ricky, your secret is safe with me. Besides, Taos* is a long ways to go for a joke.

Did you get the pizza I sent?

*Ricky doesn’t really live in Taos. DADT.

Peace out.

What are some online games you’ve played?




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