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Today I have the great privilege to guest post for Jon Stolpe, of the eponymous Jon Stolpe Stretched. He’s been a reader here for sometime, was there for me when I went through a rough patch last fall, and subsequently asked me for a guest spot on how God has been stretching me.

What follows is an excerpt from what I call “The Status Quo is a No-Go:”

In many ways, I’m a great fan of the status quo. I’m happiest when things are copacetically homogenous. Or something like.

Yet over and against this is the old saw that “change is the only constant.” This is undoubtedly true. And for the Christian doubly so, because–as others have so eloquently said–“there’s no standing still in Christ.”

Yet, as a generally introverted person, a man of a certain age, with a wife, two children, and a demanding career, it’s nice when things stay the same for a season (or two, or three). However, over and against this attitude is a God who, through Jesus his son, loves me enough to not leave me as I am.

To read the rest, please click here to head over to Jon’s blog. While you’re there, I know he’d love it if you looked around, read some of his other posts, left a comment or two.

You can connect with Jon on his blog, or via Twitter @jonstolpe




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