Wednesday #Haterade: Why I “Hate” @tylerstanton

randomlychad  —  October 12, 2011 — 16 Comments

So a few weeks ago, I asked via Twitter who I should “hate.” The answer was swift, and universal: Tyler Stanton. And by “universal” I mean that one person, Rob Shepherd, replied. Therefore, as duly nominated, and elected, by a majority of one (don’t worry, Rob, your time is coming), I hereby bring you my stinging ire. My flaming flagon of Haterade for Tyler Stanton!

Why do I “hate” Tyler? Let me count the ways:

1) Dude is not down with Donald Miller. What do I mean? Look no further than Don Miller Isn’t to see just what. (It’s ok–go watch the video, and then come back; I’ll wait). You see what I mean? How could anybody not like Donald Miller? (I mean I could rest my case right here, right?)

But you know I won’t!

2) Tyler had the chutzpah to make Hoyt Axton’s inventions (well, at least one of them) from the movie, Gremlins, a reality. By this, do I mean the “Bathroom Buddy? Yes, yes I do. Only it’s perhaps not quite as Mr. Axton envisioned–it’s a book. That you you read in the bathroom. While discharging your doodies! It’s called Everyday Absurdities, and can be picked up in most of the same places that stock that other stuff (toilet paper) that’s made from dead trees is found.

3) Tyler, along with his cohort in crime, Tripp Crosby–who invented Bing, by the way—is perhaps one of the funniest people alive. So much so that there’s hardly any funny left for the rest of us! It’s downright frustrating! For just what I mean, see here:

Tripp & Tyler “Listen, Listen” to Andy Stanley

See what I mean? That was genius! Where do they get these ideas? I “hate” that I didn’t come up with it first!

4) Don’t tell his wife, Amy, but Tyler just had a baby last week–during Catalyst! How he pulled that off I’ll never know. But he’s such a pro: he dropped that baby like a boss, and as they are wont to do at Catalyst, gave that kid a football toss. To Brad Lomenick–who I hear is the baby’s godfather.

(Ok, not really–that last paragraph is entirely hyperbolic, and in no way reflects reality. But it sure was fun to write! Congrats Tyler, Amy, and baby Stanton!)

Anyway, cats and kids, that’s all the time I have for this week. I’ve given my reasons, stated my case; now you tell me: why do you “hate” Tyler Stanton?

I’m waiting. Fill up the comments.




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