Street Preachers Make Me Uncomfortable

randomlychad  —  October 7, 2011 — 2 Comments

Can I just get this off my chest? I cringe whenever I hear a street preacher loudly “proclaiming” the Gospel. I wonder at the efficacy of it, preferring relational evangelism myself. I mean, come on, aside from the weird glances, how likely is this “seed” to take root?

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Put another way, in culture as Gospel-soaked as ours, what are the chances the message is falling on receptive ears? I’d say that the already jaded, hard of heart, hearers are likely confirmed (by this weirdo) in their hard-heartedness.

And yet…

We serve a God who declares that his word will not return void. A God that leaves the ninety-and-nine to find the one…

And I suspect, despite the apparent foolishness of loudly declaiming the Message, in Heaven’s economy if just one soul is saved, it was worth it.

Truthfully, I’ve got to give some props to the guy who’s out there, proclaiming loud and proud that God loves all passersby.* I mean, he’s got to have some huge stones, because he’s not afraid to appear foolish.

There’s the rub, my friends: I am afraid of appearing foolish. I want to come off as witty, urbane, charming, funny. I want you to like me.

And that is why street preachers make me uncomfortable.

*Please note: I’m not talking so much about the “turn or burn” guys–we all know how effective that message is.

How about you? Do street preachers make you uncomfortable? How do you share your faith without coming across as d*uchey?




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