Wednesday #Haterade: West Virginia, Mountain Mama Edition: @alisewrite

randomlychad  —  September 7, 2011 — 2 Comments

Today, I was going to try to shock you by saying how much I (sometimes) “hate” Jesus. Only that wouldn’t be entirely true. And you know what they say about a partial truth… Anyway, it’s more like I “hate” the things He lets me go through–I mean He’s always up in my grill, in my business, telling me to take up my cross. I feel like the one who’s gotta do all the changing in this relationship! On account of He’s “Christ Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Man, does He push my buttons!

Ok, yes, I’m just kidding! He doesn’t leave me alone because He loves me, and love never lets the beloved remain in a sorry, broken down state. He’s totally both the Author, and Editor, of my life. If I’m lucky, I get to work with Him just a bit in co-authoring some “works” as I travel life’s road. Pretty cool, right?

Anywho, you didn’t come by today for my musings on my walk with Jesus. No, you came for the “hate.” The Haterade. I get it, I do. Consider the foregoing a freebie from your Uncle Chad. 😉

So, as I was casting my eye about, considering who I might “hate,” my gaze fell upon Appalachia. More specifically, West Virginia–home of the Mountain “Mama.”

Or at least she used to be known as such: @BigMama247. Now she’s just write–Alise Wright. For my money, “BigMama” is a pretty cool handle (I’m guessing the 24/7 was just a bonus–cause you mama’s out there know that your job is never done, that y’all are always on). Sounds like something out of a PeeWee Herman movie, am I wright? Er, right?

Now what is her Twitter handle? @alisewrite. Aside from sounding eponymous, and being a not unclever play on her actual surname, it’s boring! And I “hate” it. Sue me. 😉 (Ok, not really–it’s all about branding).

You know what else I “hate?” That darn Alise is actually, doggoneit, a kind soul! No one is that nice! But she is! Because I’m not that nice, it makes me feel bad. Which just gives me another reason to “hate” her! 😉

You know, if she says she’s praying for you, you done been prayed for! This is something that “Mamas” do. And if she’s in your business, it’s because she cares–this is also something that mamas, like Jesus, do.

I don’t know how Alise does it, but she really cares about the folks in her “virtual village.” (And I totally “hate” that she came up with that phrase, and I didn’t!) Of which I’m privileged to be a member.

Hey, wait! I thought this was “Hate Day!” Oh, well, it’s true. Because I encountered her on Twitter, I was able to guest on her blog–which lead to me being included in her community project for Civitas Press, the “Not Alone” book. <--click that link to preorder.Not Alone is a book of stories about our various, individual, struggles with depression. It is our hope in sharing these deeply personal stories that others similarly afflicted would come to understand that they’re not alone. Because that is the biggest lie of depression: that you are alone, that no one understands. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Alise knows this, stepped way outside of her comfort zone, and spearheaded this project! Kudos to her, and to everyone brave enough to submit an entry! (For myself, I’m very grateful to her for her patience–because my submission was two months overdue!). Like mamas are wont to do, she knows how to bring folks together.

Anyway, even though we don’t see eye-to-eye on everything pertaining to life, the universe, and everything, we do share a common faith. I know Alise loves Jesus. And for that reason, she’s just alwright, er, alwrite, um, sorry–alright with me!


Alright, lay it on me: how do you “hate” the tweeter formerly known as “BigMama247?”




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